The services rendered by firms must be responsive to the changes in the environment, which is affected by developments in information technology, increasing complexity of laws and regulations.

greater demands by the public for new and diversified information, the increasing need of many clients for advisory services, and a host of other factors.
Keeping all these factors in mind, AGI provides a wide variety of services in various professional disciplines enumerated hereunder, consistent with ethical and professional standards and regulatory requirements.



We have a wealth of experience in bookkeeping, accounting, and auditing. They assist all legal forms of national and international companies across a range of industries as well as public sector organizations. 

Corporate Affairs

Whether you’re aiming to keep growing in a given area or branch out into something completely new, Almahir group experienced teams of consultants can help you make the right decisions in the balance between security and change.


Whether you’re a business or a high net wealth individual operating locally or globally – every decision you make has tax implications. This is why Almahir group tax professionals ensure they maintain an overview of all of the tax-relevant issues.

Andriod Development

Almahir group aims to assess and protect the critical information, applications, systems, network, and IT operations with advanced cyber security solutions in order to make the IT environment; reliable and risk-free.

information Technology

A regional systems integration company delivering intelligent business solutions, technical support and diverse range of IT services to our client’s. Almahir group provide the clients with the information they require to support their strategic IT decision making.


We provide distinctive services for making integrated digital model of your business/projects with the help of GIS based skills. This expertise/support integrates common database operations such as query and statistical analysis with the unique visualization and geographic analysis .

Third-Party Product

Almahir group have in-depth domain expertise that enables us to understand the client’s exacting requirements and deliver services in complete alignment.We are backed by a dedicated business research service team, comprising specialists in customer profiling, market research, business consulting,.

Management Consultancy Services

Accounting and internal controls professionals of Almahir group work alongside you to provide assistance on compliance, advise on critical business issues, and not only anticipate but navigate through each risk and opportunity. We don’t just help prepare you for financial events.

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