Audit Management Software

Basic features of our Audit Management Software are as follows:

  • Questionnaire designer / uploader
  • Conclusion writer: Basis for conclusion; conclusion
  • Confirmations generator: Debtors, Creditors, Bank, Revenue, Expenses, Legal Advisors, Tax Advisors, Loans etc.
  • Control sheets generator: Bank, Loans, and Depositors etc.
  • Lead schedule generator: Leads, Sub Leads, Tree etc.
  • Observations follow up tracker
  • Vouching task generator
  • Sampling calculator
  • Initial requisition tracker
  • Email linkage for comments / followers
  • Variance analysis work sheet
  • Relevant Higher Level Controls Summary
  • Staff planning and time allocation
  • Planned Audit Approach and Sampling
  • FS, ML, AR, BOS Letter – auto generation
  • Summary of Un-corrected Misstatements
  • Meeting – recording, conducting etc.
  • Pivot Function
  • Auto attendance
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